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C-TAP Corporation's area of expertise is dispatch and operations management software for oilfield service companies. We have been involved with the dispatch and management of large and small oilfield service companies for over 20 years and understand the specific needs of this industry. Designed from the beginning with the user in mind, VDIS replaces the old paper-and-pen dispatch method with leading-edge technology so intuitive and easy-to-use the learning curve is measured in hours, not days or weeks.

We have created standard and customized components that facilitate efficient logistics for many different product/service lines including the following:

  • Open Hole Wireline
  • Cased Hole Wireline
  • Pipe Recovery
  • Cementing
  • Fracturing
  • Acidizing
  • Nitrogen
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Completions
  • Artificial Lift
  • Underbalanced Drilling
  • Snubbing
  • H2S Safety Services
  • Fire Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Industrial First Aid

If we don't have a component ready built for your product/service line, we can easily build one that exactly meets your companies specific requirements.  We will also customize any of our components to better suite you particular company requirements.