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VDIS Calendar - coordinates all business units

This powerful calendar is a must for companies that have different business units working together on common jobs. Separate pages on the calendar are available for each business unit with links between pages to ensure automatic information transfers and warning signals if job details change.

The calendar is one click away from the map view.

From the calendar view, companies can quickly and easily see and coordinate assets between business units and schedule assets for future jobs.

Calendars for numerous business units or locations are linked together.

Sidelights show job status (pending, in-progress and completed).

Colors indicate different crews, locations or districts.

Drag-and-drop ability makes changes easy to do.

Call up a dispatch summary by running the mouse over a job. From the summary you are one click away from the full dispatch call-sheet.

The “Linked To” box shows which PSL’s (Product Service Lines) or business unit calendars are linked together. If there needs to be a reconciliation between business units text is shown in red.

Double click on the red text to bring up the dialogue box that shows the action needed for reconciliation.

This is the ultimate way for a company to communicate internally. The technology plays a critical role in eliminating last minute scrambles and jobs lost due to schedule or job detail changes.

Avoid missed revenue by making sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing.