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VDIS Central- map, call sheets and reports

Designed, tested and proven by dispatch personnel who use VDIS daily, VDIS Central is the heart of a system built specifically to allow dispatchers to make better informed, less stressful and more efficient decisions. With a learning curve measured in hours instead of days or weeks, this graphically based system is intuitive to both first time users and veteran dispatchers.

The VDIS map instantly shows your world at a glance.

Jobs pending (pin icon) and jobs in progress (rectangles) are indicated by coloured icons on the map.

Different business units, districts or crews within your company can be color coordinated to increase visual identity.

Toggle switches allow you to have as many or as few of the colors on the screen as you need.

Zoom in as close as you want to a specific area.

Grid systems, borders, roads, cities and names all toggle on or off depending on the level of detail you wish shown on the map.

The VDIS map can be configured to work with any type of grid system. Coordinate conversion between grid systems can be easily calculated with the use of GridFind™.

Click on a rectangular "Job in Progress" or "Job Pending" pin icon to bring up the job call sheet with all job details.

Click on the small "tower" icons to begin a new call sheet.

Extensive use of drop-down boxes makes sure your data is entered quickly and consistently.

You can print, fax or e-mail all the job information directly from the call-sheet.

Click on the small "truck" icons to bring up an equipment status sheet.

For Operations Management, the power of VDIS comes from creating a real-time information based culture and being able to turn information into knowledge with the Reports.

VDIS Central has been completely designed by dispatch professionals looking for a better way to more effectively and efficiently get crews, equipment and materials to the field. Their expertise and experience is the critical difference between VDIS and other off-the-shelf or designed-by-the-IT-department products.

Whether you dispatch from numerous locations, a central location or a combination of dispatch operations for different business units within one company, our team of experienced professionals can install a system that works within your structure.