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Logistics, Dispatch and Operations Management Software

Successful companies know that knowledge is power...and that knowledge is a function of complete and correct information available in a timely manner to all decision makers and key stakeholders. VDIS is a dispatch and operations management software suite that has been helping major oilfield service companies operate more efficiently and effectively through the power of knowledge since 1993.

VDIS (Visual Dispatch Information System) is a point-and-click graphical database system that immediately increases your resource utilization, tracks and reports on your operations for long term strategic planning and increases company wide safety with the new Journey Manager tool.

A map shows your operating area at a glance...all jobs in progress and pending are shown with every detail just one click away. Benefit from the easiest possible way to see "the big picture".

The calendar makes sure all your assets are coordinated and working together. No more mix-ups or last minute the right always knows what the left is doing!

Your information is shared via the internet or your intranet to create a knowledge based culture able to quickly respond with informed decisions.

The Journey Manager tracks single-vehicle convoys and other work-alone situations and automatically warns when a pre-set contact period has been exceeded.

Complete records of your people, equipment and materials are created for every job, client, area and time period...all available through reports that bring you real-time information when you want it and where you want it.

If your company sends people, equipment or materials to the field, VDIS can dramatically improve safety, resource utilization, and information reporting and sharing. The applications on this site will give you an overview of how this adaptable, easy-to-use technology has profited other companies for almost a decade. If you believe your company deserves to benefit from this leading edge technology, contact us to discuss how VDIS can help you achieve better business results.