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VDIS Journey Manager Safety Software
Journey Manager 4.0 - click here for a list of new features.

The Journey Manager software is the answer for ensuring safe single-vehicle convoys and other work alone situations. Whether it is used as a standalone application or as part of your VDIS suite, this innovative package is a practical, cost effective and simple solution for safety conscious companies.

Employees in a work-alone situation call in to your dispatch to have their information recorded. Departure and Destination is entered with pre-determined check-in times set.

If the employee fails to check-in at the appropriate time, automatic warnings are displayed. Dispatch then takes action to determine the cause of the missed check-in by calling the employee, calling a supervisor or other appropriate measures set out in company policy.

Complete records are kept of each Journey Manager alert, the cause of the problem and how it was resolved.

Whether by company policy or legislation, the ability to consistently record and track work-alone situations is a growing concern for safety managers. This application gives a practical, cost effective and simple solution to the problem.

Journey Manager 4.0 - New Features

Rich Web Interface Using Microsoft's Silverlight technology Journey Manager 4.0 provides a Windows-like rich user experience operating entirely within the web browser. Multiple operating systems and browsers are supported.
Bing Maps VDIS will use Bing Maps for detailed public road mapping anywhere in the world.
GPS/AVL Use one or more of our GPS/AVL interfaces to track your vehicles' current locations and/or respond to panic alarms.
Zoom to Vehicle Zoom the map directly to the vehicle whose journey you are tracking.
Find an Address Zoom the map to an address, latitude/longitude coordinate, or LSD.
Weather Search Search for the current weather conditions at the driver's departure and destination areas.
SMS Texting Send and receive SMS text messages directly from within VDIS. Pre-scripted messages aid in notifying the driver that a journey record has been started, updated, or closed.
Reverse Journey When a driver starts a return journey, the Journey Management Agent can generate a reverse journey based on the previous journey logged by the driver.
Auto-close Journey When VDIS detects that the vehicle is within the municipal boundary of the destination, the Journey Management Agent is notified to take appropriate action, either closing the journey and sending an SMS text notification or contacting the driver.
Stats by Manager Journey Stats reports may be generated by manager and automatically emailed to the manager of each department to ensure Journey Management is being utilized.
Comment Templates Comment templates can be created to auto-script the journey comment area. This will help make comment entry consistent between agents. It can also be used for different types of journeys to take into account regional legislation, for example, Canadian vs US journeys.