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VDIS Web - Real-Time Information Anytime

Make real-time maps, call sheets, reports and calendar available across the web or company intranet. VDIS Web is the easiest way to keep your entire company informed. Managers can see at a glance their area of operations with all jobs in progress and pending shown. Sales can keep up-to-date on jobs, attach programs or information to a dispatch and give the client a level of information previously unavailable.

Keep your entire company informed. The VDIS Web component allows you to share real-time information throughout your company.

Use your company intranet or the world wide web. From the home page go directly to any of the VDIS features.

Full password-protected access to all the functions; real-time maps, call-sheets, calendar, reports and Journey Manager.

From the map the user can manipulate the view, toggle on and off features and bring up call sheets.

Company functions that are physically removed from the actual dispatch operation - such as sales personnel, remote locations or corporate headquarters - have real-time access to job and operations information.

Sales staff can view dispatches, scheduling and track job status. VDIS is a tool that can easily be used to increase the interaction between company and client - perhaps the most important aspect of successful CRM.

Remote viewers also have limited ability to input data. Sales personnel can input job alerts and attach programs to call sheets.

Once the job status has been confirmed as a job pending , remote viewers cannot change call-sheet information.