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Windows 8 JM App

The VDIS Mobile Journey Management App provides the traveller with the ability to communicate with the monitoring center without having to make a phone call or send an SMS text message. The user can create a journey, check in, go on stand-by, close a journey, determine current location with the map, send and receive messages with the monitoring center, and much more. Some of the features are listed below:

  • The app ties directly into the VDIS journey management system.  This means that whatever information is submitted through the app shows up to the agents in the monitoring center.  Likewise, whatever information is entered by the agents in the monitoring center is visible to the user of the app (limited to the information that the app uses).
  • The user can check in by simply clicking a button in the app. Optionally, additional information can be given for the check-in as well as revising the ETA.
  • The user can close the journey by simply clicking a button in the app.
  • The user can place the journey on standby (if stopping for a time) and resume the journey when ready to start driving again.
  • The user and the monitoring center can send messages back and forth. This eliminates for need for SMS Text messaging for app users.
  • Emergency contacts entered on the phone are shared with the call center and vice versa.
  • If driving a company vehicle, all vehicle particulars (license plate, make, model, color, etc.) are download to the app when the unit number is entered.
  • Previous journeys can be copied to save time creating repeat journeys.
  • Previous journeys can be reversed to save time creating return journeys.
  • The map can be used to find the driver’s current location in relation to his destination.

Our initial version has been built for Microsoft's incredible new Windows 8 tablet platform. We will soon have versions for iPad and Android tablets.